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"Slow CPU" Emulator v1.1.2.0 Documentation:

Slow Cpu Emulator and Cpu Usage Reduction tool was developed by MathuSum Mut (2016)

To find the latest version go to:

SlowCpuEmulator is useful for slowing down games, testing how applications deal with lag, and/or reducing the overall CPU usage of a specified process.

Toggle emulation: Shift+Scroll
Increase speed by 3%: Shift+F9
Decrease speed by 3%: Shift+F8
Increase interval by 2ms: Control+Shift+F9
Decrease interval by 2ms: Control+Shift+F8
Toggle show/hide window: Control+Shift+Scroll
Switch timer mode: Alt+Scroll

Argument parameters format:
slowcpuemulator ExecutableFileToRun.exe optionalParameters interval speedPercentage {hide} {nohotkey} {startdisabled} {adaptive/vanilla/aligned}

Example 1: slowcpuemulator.exe -i
Opens file dialog to choose executable or shortcut to open.

Example 2: slowcpuemulator.exe Game 1.exe 22 35
Runs Game 1.exe slowed down with interval 22ms at 35% speed emulation.

Example 3: slowcpuemulator C:\New Folder\Game 1.exe 22 35% hide nohotkey
Like example 2 but with full path, does not show the console window and disables hotkeys.

Example 4: slowcpuemulator Game 1.exe -windowed 22ms 35% nohotkey
Like example 2 but passes a '-windowed' argument parameter to the target process, does not hide window, but disables hotkeys.

Example 5: slowcpuemulator Game 1 -windowed 22ms 35% vanilla
Similar to example 4 but THIS DOES NOT WORK. Passing parameters to an executable and having a space in the executable name that omits the .exe extension are mutually exclusive. To resolve this be sure to add a '.exe' extension to the file name like in example 4.

Example 6: slowcpuemulator ..\Game 2.exe ? 22 35 startdisabled hide vanilla
Opens 'Game 2.exe' from the parent directory with the specified parameters, hides the window, starts the emulator disabled and sets the timing mode to vanilla.

Example 7: slowcpuemulator slowcpuemulator ? 22 35
This causes slowcpuemulator to open a new instance of slowcpuemulator that shows its help dialog slowed down to a 22ms interval at 35% ratio. Pretty cool eh? ;)

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