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"Slow CPU" Emulator is useful for slowing down games, testing how applications deal with lag, and/or reducing the overall CPU usage of a specified process.

Simply tell the emulator the update interval and speed percentage, and witness your application slowing down to the specified speed live!

The code is written in C# for Windows and is extremely robust, flexible and stable, and has been tested very thoroughly. I apologise in advance for the code not being very readable, sometimes spaghetti code is more optimised code. ;)

If you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to tell me. :)

License: MS-PL

Do whatever you want with the code. Credit would be nice, but definitely not required. I am not responsible for any undesired or unintended effects that may (most probably won't) come up as a result of using the application.


Slow CPU Emulator v1.1.2.0

-Added file dialog support (use -i as parameter)
-Code cleanup

Slow CPU Emulator v1.1.1.1

-Added XP and Vista support
-Added shortcut support
-General bugfixes
-Addressed corner cases
-Optimized adaptive mode

Slow CPU Emulator v1.1.1.0

-First stable release

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